Types of Chargers available in 2018

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Types of Chargers available in 2018:-

Types of Chargers available in 2018

The efficiency of the Mobile battery depends on the type of charger you are using. And if you are using some low-quality charger to juice up your mobile phone, then you are soon going to say goodbye to your battery.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss the types of chargers available in the market that you can use worry-free.

Remember for high-end devices like iPhone or MacBook we always recommend to use Apple Certified charger. And same goes for any other high-end devices from companies like Samsung or Sony.

Types of chargers: 

  1. Wireless Charger

Wireless Chargers are among the best charger available in the market, but the downside is that the wireless charging technology is currently being available for few of the Mobile phones only. Apple launched wireless charging technology in 2017 in its iPhone 8 and iPhone X series. Samsung, on the other hand, is having the Wireless technology for few years.

Wireless charging is not only fun and convenient to use, but it also charges the battery quite rapidly. On average it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to charge a mobile completely via a wireless charger.

  1. USB Charger

USB chargers took pace a few years back and since then almost every mobile phone comes with USB charger now. It would not be fair to say that USB charges are fast because that probably depends on the Charging adapter.

The one benefit of USB chargers is that users do not have to spend any extra money on getting a USB cable as it comes on hand with the mobile.

  1. Universal Charger
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Universal Chargers are one of the coolest chargers you will ever see. You can literally charge any mobile phone with a single Universal charger.

How things work is that you take out the battery from the mobile phone and then plug it into the universal charger, and it gets charged.

  1. Green Chargers

Green chargers are not a myth, they do exist. How they work is they charge a battery with the help of solar energy. An important piece of stuff for Village areas. Using Green chargers in itself is a contribution to the environment.

  1. Car Chargers

Life today would be impossible car chargers. Back in time car chargers were really a slow charging device, but they got upgraded and starting coming up with 3 amp power, that charges as similar to other normal chargers we use.

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