Secure and Password protect Your USB/flash drives before it’s too late

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USB Drives:

The so-called USB drives are no more a ‘luxury’ anymore as it was in the past. One out three people are supposed to have it and its usage is increasing even more. These aren’t expensive gadgets and are useful storage devices which help us in travelling with data in style. You can also use them to carry programs and browser settings and use them on any device or system having a USB port to connect. Flash drives are yet another form of data storage gadget used for repairing all kinds of issues a troubleshooting. Without changing your drive, you can make your Windows runs faster using the flash drive and running a different operating system.

These drives are small, portable, convenient and easy to use. But the same merits convert into demerits as since they are too small, they are easy to lose. If you do not carry confidential data in your USB drives, then no sweat as these drives are easy to replace, however, in the opposite scenario where you travel with data that is confidential, then the replacement option isn’t available. To prevent this, you being the user can use different options to get rid of all the threats related to data loss.

To tackle this firmly, some of the portable devices are equipped with embedded hardware encryption (not all but some) and the average user who uses drives not equipped with hardware encryption, there are software solutions that do such hectic task for you. OS like Apple Mac OS X and Windows 7 provide passwords to be equipped with a drive. If a wrong password has been entered, some machines automatically overwrite the contents of a drive.

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Top available options for USB drive are as follows:

USB Secure:

A USB security software that lets you password protect USB and flash drives along with the data which has a nature of being confidential. To access your files, you can select any option such as only accessing the locked files in a virtual drive or unlocking them completely. It also has a plug and plays feature that prevents data loss as whenever we remove our drives from the PC abruptly; data losses are imminent to occur.

Free download USB secure at

Furthermore, it works on all disk types such as FAT/FAT32/NTFS and all other types of USB and External drives. Since it is password protected, you do not need to worry about any unauthorized access. Moreover, there exist two options through which you can either lock your data completely or unlocking them.

Using an antivirus:

An antivirus can help you get rid of all the threats related to the prying eyes and never worry again. However, the power of an antivirus varies as most of the programs are free and are free for a reason. But if you are not in possession of anything confidential, you can opt for this option.

A powerful, updated and best anti-virus security for your UBS disks and flash drives always gets you covered no matter how strong the virus may be. Such tools remove the virus or malware before you transfer a file as it nips with malware in the bud. Hence in this way, your drive whether USB or flash drive stays far from all sorts of malware.

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Saving each file with a password (Built-in):

There are multiple methods in Windows where you can individually set a password for each file (may or may not be confidential) to make sure no matter where your file is, it stays inaccessible as it is password protected. Doing so stops your bothering of buying expensive security software but know that their range of security is very limited.

USB immunizer:

A virus removal software but works a bit different as compared to the average software you’re aware of. It basically immunizes your USB flash drive against all the threatening viruses or malware infections making sure you stay ahead of them. Hence, even if you insert a drive into another PC or system, it would prevent the malware from coming into existence (creating an autorun.inf) on your drive.

In a nutshell:

Hence, there are multiple tools that are made available to help you protect what really matters. Know that this third-party software is reliable but simple anti-virus software options are now becoming obsolete. Password protection of USB drives is the future and is expected to grow even further.


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