The overlooked apps for your iOS devices

It is easy to find an application that fulfils your requirement. The availability of numerous apps makes it difficult for you to choose the best among all. The wealth of applications present in the App Store provides an insight into those that did not receive the required attention. The following post will give you information related to the hidden gems that did not receive the accolades that they require.


  1. Clips

Clips is the perfect application for users who wish to add funky filters to videos and pictures. The selling point for the application is the addition of subtitles and live titles. You can add captions by speaking, but you may need to repeat more than once to get the right text imprinted on the image/video.

  1. Lake

The application is a colouring book that is helpful for all those who wish to relax and unwind after is a stressful day. Apart from children, the app is also a great stress reliever for adults. The application comes with free illustrations and unlocks each stage of completing a specific picture. Users can choose from an array of colouring tools and bring out their creativity. One can also opt for in-app purchases to unlock new coloring books.

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  1. MyScript Nebo

The application is a full-fledged notetaking app available for iPad. The developer developed it keeping in mind about the Apple Pencil. The interactive ink technology used by the application helps in converting the handwritten note in the text while allowing users to format the text, add additional emphasis, bullet points, diagrams, mathematical notations, and picture annotations. One can also export a completed document to Microsoft office.

  1. Enlight

The app is a powerful photo editing application, which comes with simple interface and powerful photo editing features. The app contains colour and tone controls, editing tools, filters, and masking options for seamless blending. Users can also fix overexposed or underexposed pictures, produces different images using the overlay option, and even purchase premium-editing tools.

  1. Moleskine Time page

The application is popular as the notebook. However, the Time page calendar is an excellent app for iOS, as it fulfils a job using feature-packed options. The app is a smart calendar, day planner, and works in tandem with the existing calendar providers such as Facebook, Google, and iCloud. However, in comparison to the other calendars offered by other noted companies, Time page heads one-step ahead by providing the entire layout in a stylish pattern along with the different tabs. The heat map display will quickly show the free and busy days, while the filters pop-out for particular events. When used on an iPad, users have the possibility to view the expanded form of the calendar using the split-screen feature.

  1. Bumpers

The application helps in turning the iPhone into a podcasting station. A user can easily record, edit, and publish podcast episodes using this app. An advantage is that the software is capable of stopping a recording into the required chunks automatically.

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