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The technology world has driven into every sector and has made life interesting. From the weather app to the education field or the fashion industry, everything is there on your smartphone. You just need to act smart and use them for your purpose. Going for hairstyles to parlor takes a lot of money as you choose an expert who cuts hair accordingly.

Thanks to the 9apps from where we can come to know about the hairstyle which will suit our face. This is preferably working well with men as it tells the right kind of haircut for them. This is something cool as you just upload your picture and according to your face, the app calculates everything and lets you know.  To get a better clinch of it go for 9app download and from there choose this app. It will be easily downloaded.


  • Helps you to know the specific hairstyle

This app is quite easy to use as you just need to download it from 9appsAfter that select your image from the gallery and crop it in a proper manner. Now keep putting different hairstyles and see what your picture look like. It will give you a fair idea about the haircut which suits you. You can also save the images which are there in high quality and send it to your friends. They can give you a genuine suggestion regarding this.

  • You can show the similar kind to your haircutter

It will be easy for the haircutter to know what exactly you want and by using this app you can give him the clear picture. He can simply copy it out and you can get a perfect look. Even you will spot hair saloons using these apps as they don’t want to lose their customers. So before going for a haircut they give a fair idea about that to the client.

  • The latest version even adds hair color as a feature
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For the men who want to get hair colored may be for fashion or to hide grey coverage should go for this app. As it will help you to know what you will look for hair color. You can see the change and choose accordingly. For some people, it will be like a savior.

  • These apps are a great source of entertainment too

People who want to pass time especially boy can use this app. It is great. You can keep changing looks of your hairstyles, your friends and post them on social media to have fun. Even sometimes in kitty parties and other kids parties, this app is used. One picture is given and one who makes the best hairstyle using it wins price. It improves your creativity skills too.


Thus when we talk about the world of apps, they provide great features to the public which is actually a blessing. The 9apps download will save men from getting bad haircuts.


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