How to create a Whatsapp group

How to create a Whatsapp group


Whatsapp is one of the famous message application that everyone is using nowadays. You can easily use this app on your smartphones just to send the messages, images, audio, and video. This application also provides the group chat and you can share the location also. It is one of the secured apps nowadays and you will never be charged for sending the message. This is just possible because of Whatsapp sent the message with the help of the internet connection.

The users of the Whatsapp can communicate individually or by making the WhatsApp group links. It also includes a story like a feature which helps the users to update their status using the pictures, GIF and the video that is visible for only 24 hours. You can also swipe up the status icon just to reply to your friend’s status.

How To Create a Whatsapp Group

Well, without wasting even a more single second, let’s move further to the main process of creating the Whatsapp group. It is a very simple and quick process. You just need to scroll down the page and below you will get the process. Let us have a look-

  • Firstly you have to go to the chats tab in the application
  • Then you have to Tap the menu option and click on the new group
  • After that, you have to select the contacts that you need to add in the group
  • You have to tap the green arrow and type the subject of the group
  • This subject will be the name of the group that the participants can see
  • The limit of the subject is 25 characters and you can also add the emoji
  • You can also add the group icon that means you can select the icon from the gallery or search in the web for an image
  • In the last, you have to tab the green check mark when you are finished with the above steps

Whatsapp Group Features

Group Admin- It is one of the safety features of the WhatsApp as only the group head can add the participants only. The admin can only access the feature by tapping on the group setting as the setting is available when one taps on the name of the Group to look for more details about the participants.  As the group is made just to share the information or receive the important announcement that can easily communicate with everyone at the same time.

Call Option- With the Whatsapp, you will also get the option of the calling. There is a list of the group members to whom you want to do the calling. u just need to tick or mark in front of the members and at the same time, you can do the call. It is just like the conference call as it is given on the right side of the screen on the top but you have to connect with the internet connection then only this possible.

Add 100 Participant- Whatsapp Group supports only the 100 members as more than 100 will going to stop then to connect on the Whatsapp. So you can think how amazing this application is as you can connect to the 100 members at the one time. The authority f adding the group members is given in the hands of the group admin only.




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