5 Google Hidden Games that You Can Play When Bored

Google Hidden Games

5 Google Hidden Games 

Google Hidden Games: If you are in a habit of procrastination at work or otherwise, especially when Black Friday and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, we can totally relate to it. And having a steady subscription toInternet and Cable Bundles in every household and even workplace makes things even more distracting. Google is well-known for throwing the Easter Eggs—tricks, google hidden games, and many other fun things to their products. If you are perhaps working online and are just out of mind, and want to waste a couple of hours here and there, why not give a try to these Google hidden games that we are going to mention.

Smarty Pins (Google Maps)

smarty pins game- Gadgetsofgeek

smarty pins game

There’s this little fun game, that is hidden within Google called Smarty Pins. All you have to do is drop pins on the map and answer the questions, and you have to answer as many questions as possible before your available bank of miles finish.

With this game, you can test your geographical knowledge. Mostly it is US-centric, but geographical limits do not hinder a true trivia master.

  1. Atari Breakout


atari breakout game-Gadgetsofgeek

atari breakout game

It actually makes us reminiscing the old school days when we used to play Atari game Breakout. Basically, it is a pong-game, but you need to use the platform and the ball to break a cluster of boxes (it sounds fun yeah?). All you have to do is open Firefox or Chrome to go to Google.com and relive your good, golden school days by typing ‘Atari Breakout’ in the image search. It will spontaneously transform into the Breakout game, that is a cult classic, and needless to say, it’s awfully addictive.

And you’re on your safe way to wasting next couple of hours.


T-Rex Mini Game

t-rex mini game-Gadgetssofgeek

t-rex mini game

T-Rex shows up, just when the internet stops working, although we all dread no network connectivity, but it is exactly where the fun part comes-the game. So, if you start playing it, it is a never-ending running spree, and the runner the flashy T-Rex’, has to run for as far as it can, hopping over pterodactyls and cacti as they come its way.

So, how do you really play the game? When you see the “no network connectivity” message on the screen, once tap the space button and initiate the game. The T-Rex will begin running right away, and you can tap spacebar every time you want him to hop over the obstacles. Just keep him going and safe.


  1. Google Logo Pac-Man

Google Logo Pac-Man

Google Logo Pac-Man

Without Pacman, there is literally no amusing retro gaming-session. Although some say that it is not such a good game, yet many find it thoroughly entertaining, the little yellow guy, chased by ghostly figures and always munching on those tiny dots. Google is right there for the latter category of people.

Just have a quick Google Search on ‘Google Pacman’, and find a playable version of it, right away. Enjoy wasting more time, reliving your childhood days.

  1. Flappy Droid (on Android)

Flappy droid game-Gadgetsofgeek

Flappy droid game-Gadgetsofgeek

Flappy Bird came out first, and it revolutionized the Smartphone Gaming scenario. It was a perfect time-waster, is pretty easy and handy to play but harder to master, and it also managed to be incredibly challenging. In fact, it actually became a little too challenging, so much so that the people got frustrated, some even began breaking their phone screen and throwing them away. And hence, the game developer opted to pull the game at its very pinnacle of popularity.

The Team at Android decided to reconstruct, rather resurrect this game with a little difference and twist. Now, it is as good as one of Easter Eggs of Android. If you want to play Flappy Droid, you need a Marshmallow or Lollipop operating system on your Android phone and find the icon (hidden version) using the above instructions. Long-press the icon a few times and the game will launch. Enjoy the frustration and waste of time!

Some more Google games, that are thoroughly enjoyable are Flight Simulator on Google Earth, Zerg Rush on Google Search, Snake on Google Search and so on. Snake also, reminds us of the childhood days, and back then, we preferred to play it on then-revolutionary NOKIA phones.

What you necessarily need to play these google hidden games are the very amenity of the Internet. Chose from the best Internet Service Providers out there, that also offer customized packages and plans as per consumer’s tastes and usage, along with economical monthly pricing schedules. Charter Internet deals are considerable in that regard, providing a number of package choices to pick from.

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