But, don’t worry. Here I am to provide you with the best information about the WhatsApp Plus App.

WhatsApp Plus App
WhatsApp Plus App

What is WhatsApp Plus?

There is nothing hidden about this popular MOD app. The WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is the number 1 WhatsApp modified app. There are other APKs like GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp and more. But, WhatsApp Plus beats them all by its popularity and features. With loads of privacy and customization features, it is the new LOVE of all WhatsApp lovers. So, here bring the latest version of the WhatsApp MOD. Check more about it from the below section.

How to Download  WhatsApp Plus MOD on an Android Phone?

NOTE: Enable “Unknown Sources” option on your Android Mobile’s settings.

  • Download WhatsApp Plus MOD APK file.
  • Install the APK on your Android phone.
  • Open the app > Enter the 2nd Mobile Number (for Dual WhatsApp)
  • Verify with the help of an OTP code.
  • That’s all. Enjoy, all the features of the #1 WhatsApp MOD, the WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus App

WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus App

The best privacy settings ever in any WhatsApp Plus MOD:

Yup! Guys, the WhatsApp Plus MOD comes with a bunch of premium privacy customization. Beware, you may go mad after having the features on your Android phone. Control most of the privacy options with the best level of customization features. Here are all the privacy options.

  • Hide Blue Ticks: Go the WhatsApp Plus MOD Settings of the app and hide the Blue Ticks. You can customize hiding the blue ticks for specific conversations or groups. So, now, if you are reading anyone’s message, they will not be able to know about it.
  • Hide Typing Status: In WhatsApp, when you are typing a message, the other person can see that you are typing something. But in WhatsApp Plus, you can disable the writing Status option. So, now, when you type something, they won’t know that you’re typing something.
  • Hide Second Tick: Like the Blue Ticks, in WhatsApp Plus App, you can also disable the second tick. Customize the settings for any custom conversations or all. That’s your choice mate.
  • Hide Online Status: Show to everyone that you’re not online even while you are there. Do hide the Online Status to everyone and enjoy on WhatsApp seamlessly.
  • Hide Recording Status: Like Typing, when recording an audio message, on the other side, they see that you are recording something. But now with WhatsApp Plus, it’s pretty easy to hide that status. Choose any specific contacts or groups and set it. They won’t see your recording status ever.
  • Hide the Blue Microphone: Yes, it is possible to hide the Blue Microphone icon. Set up the setting for a group or individual. From now on, they won’t see the Microphone when you open voice.
  • Hide View of Status: The Status feature of WhatsApp Plus app is trending. One new thing in that is that you can see who has seen your status. Same in case of others’ status. They can also see when you will view their status updates. But with WhatsApp Plus MOD, you can enable an option. So, no one now can see your view of their status.
  • Yes, these are all the awesome privacy features of the WhatsApp Plus app. That’s why we believe it is the best WhatsApp modified application available on the internet. So, you must try this one.