Best Android Browers (2021 Edition)

Best Android Browsers 2019

Web Browsers are the most important apps we use in our daily life. Nowadays If you look at the play store there are hundreds of different browsers present. Some of them are offering ad-blocking features and sone are just showing ads. So it quite difficult to choose the best Browser in the Market.


[appbox googleplay]

Chrome is the only browser which comes as bloatware in most of the android mobiles. It is a good browser but not the best. Being a popular android browser chrome has plenty of great features and google always ahead releasing the new features with the latest Android Version.

If you use Laptop or PC then you can consider this browser as your default one, because you can sync your data across devices like Tabs, Bookmarks and passwords too! There are 4 different Chrome browsers for a different type of Users like Developers and Normal users or Beta users.

  • Safe
  • Sync across devices
  • Ads Free
  • Data Saver


[appbox googleplay org.mozilla.firefox]

Mozilla is another open-source developer-friendly browser which syncs data across devices like Laptop, Tablets and Android and Ios Devices. It has similar features of Chrome like it has its own addons whereas in Goggle Chrome we have Extensions.

Firefox looks very simple in terms of User Interface but it is actually powerful. You can consider this option if you want a simple user interface in the Android Browser.


[appbox googleplay com.opera.browser]

Opera is yet another browser with a bunch of great features. I can also sync your data if you want. It has got some interesting features like Built-in VPN and a powerful adblocker. Despite having the ad blockers feature it shows ad on its own news feed. This is something that user want to get rid off.

It has a unique user interface with unique features like it compresses the video and helps you to load the page quickly.

  • Ad Blocker
  • Free, unlimited and built-in VPN:
  • Personalized news feed:
  • Night mode:
  • Manage passwords and autofill credit cards
  • Great Addons

4.Uc Browser

[appbox googleplay com.UCMobile.intl]

Uc is a new and powerful browser. It is the only browser which brings unique things. It is different from the normal browser because it is not just a browser it is download manager, Whatsapp Status downloader, and News app too.

Uc browser offers great features which make this one as all in one browser. But is this the perfect android browser? And the answer is NO!.

You are getting all features in one Browser but What about User Experience? It has really good design but it shows Ads everywhere. Not only ads, but it also shows the News which is mostly with some Clickbaait thumbnail and adult-like content.

UC Browser comes with 3 different variants like Uc Mini which is the lite variant of this app. It lite in only Name, not the actual app, Having 40MB Apk size you can’t say it is a lite app. And another variant is Uc Turbo which is newly launched browser with Built-in VPN and best this is there is no News Feed It is simple!

  • Variety of Stickers & Share with Friends
  • Upgraded Web Browsing Experience
  • Small Window Mode
  • Fast Download
  • Cricket Card Feature
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Block
  • Video for all tastes
  • Facebook Mode
  • Night Mode

5.Tor Browser

[appbox googleplay org.torproject.torbrowser]

If you really serious about your privacy and want a simple yet powerful browser then Tor Browser is the perfect android browser for you. It is the best browser in terms of privacy. It has multilayer encryption, and it protects you by hiding your identity. It has few bugs and some times might break the site because of a powerful script blocking.

We recommend this browser the people who just want to hide their privacy and want a simple browser for surfing the web.

6.Via Browser

[appbox googleplay]

Via browser is one of the lightest android browsers available. With just 505kb file size you can consider downloading this browser for daily use. It offers the ad blocking feature, Night Mode, and ability to load custom scripts to enable some features.

If you are regular internet surfer then consider using this lightweight browser.


[appbox googleplay mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser]

Dolphin is yet another good browser which has built-in HTML5 Video player, Adblocker and gesture support. It comes with plenty of Addons like Battery Saver, Translator, Reader and much more.

Using its Feature called Sonar you can search without Typing. If you are regular web-surfer and watches a lot of videos on the web then this one fits for you.


  • Flash Player
  • AdBlock (pop up blocker)
  • Multiple Tabs bar
  • Personalized Search
  • Fast Download
  • Gestures
  • Sonar


[appbox googleplay com.brave.browser]

Brave is new in the market with some extraordinary features like HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking. It also comes with the revenue sharing model for users and publisher. You can check out the Brave Review here.


  • Free built-in AdBlocker
  • Pop up blocker (blocks ads)
  • Safe private browsing
  • Saves data and battery
  • Invasive Ad-free browser
  • Free tracking protection
  • Https Everywhere (for security)
  • Script Blocker
  • 3rd party cookie blocker

9.Mint Browser

[appbox googleplay]

Mint browser is from Xiaomi. It is also in the list because the user experience we get from the browser. It has a built-in ad blocker, night mode and incognito modes. You can download videos from social media likes Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and Twitter.

Here you can play HTML5 games also and interestingly it has a hidden mode where you can store your private files like video and photos.

  • Adblocker
  • Privacy Mode
  • Video Downloader
  • HTML5 Games
  • Data Saver

10. Duck Duck Go

[appbox googleplay]

Duck duck go is one of the best Privacy Browser available in the market. With one tap data wipe your privacy is totally maintained. It doesn’t come with the advanced features but it has a basic powerful feature like ad blocking and third party cookie tracker blocking.

If you just want to surf the web with maintaining your privacy then go for it.

  • Privacy
  • Secure
  • Adblocker

So here we have collected the information of different browser for android and compare theme

Here are some browser which is good enough to try but we didn’t include the theme in the list

  • Jio Browser
  • Pheonix
  • KIWI

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