5 Best Android Apps Everyone Must Know

5 Best Android Apps Everyone Must Know

Well, nowadays, Android devices play a vital role in everyone’s lif. So, of course, Android apps are serving the best to entertain the world. You will get endless apps in the application’s market, but all of them are not possible to use at a single time. You must have already familiar with apps like FaceBook, Instagram, Netflix, and many more. But I think, now, you should give a chance to some other apps which can prove better for you.

Well, as you know, we are here to guide you for the best, so, we are here today as well. So, let’s move forward and have a look at 5 Best Android Apps Everyone Must Know.

5 Best Android Apps Everyone Must Know

#1.Google Assistant

You can navigate, communicate, ask any questions, and trigger the apps, makes plans, and play games through Google Assistant app. It is suitable to use on both Android as well as iOS devices. No matter what brand you are using, Google Assistant will perform its task regardless of any brand or device. Well, Google voice feature is suitable for unlocking your device’s screen. You will get the personalized results upon your search by using services like Google Chrome, search, etc. Well, there is an end number of features you will find in Google Assistant. Of course, I cannot mention every single feature here, but I can at least advice you to give a try to it.


GBWhatsapp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. So, of course, it supports many advanced features which the official version of WhatsApp doesn’t support. GBWhatsApp allows you to customize the theme according to your preferences. You can even make an account using more than one number on a single device.


#3.Google Duo

Sometimes video calls are better than voice calls. It gives a feeling as if the person to whom you are talking is sitting beside you. A video call doubles the fun of talking to a person mentioned in your special list. Well, Google Duo is the best video calling app all over the world. You can easily log in your account onto it and verify your number. You can now simply make a call to your loved ones like an ordinary phone call.


More than millions of users are using the SwiftKey app worldwide. Using its artificial intelligence, SwiftKey can predict what a user wants to type. So, it can help you to autocorrect you’re typing and provide better and faster results. You will be supposed to get a wide variety of themes which this app supports, and an inbuilt GIF search engine. So, no doubt, it an excellent keyboard for all the Android users. It will help you in enhancing your typing, so, you must have this app on your Android device. But remember guys, Swiftkey doesn’t allow its users to store sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, and much more like it.


You can use Evernote to maintain your notes in different formats like sketches, videos, text, audio, photos, and whatever format you want.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, use these best free Android apps, and enjoy using your Android devices. Thank You.

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