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And Apple Successfully manages to get the Android Phone Makers on Their Toes Again

Remember how it all started when Apple came up with, what we know today as, smartphone and changed the whole course of mobile technology.

It has been setting benchmarks ever since.

Even though many things it was not the first to introduce, but the Apple stamp made the technology golden and made everyone want it more than ever.

Recently Apple unveiled the most sensational iPhone in the history of Apple on its tenth anniversary, the iPhone X.

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Even though it was playing catch up with Samsung with the edge-to-edge screen, it managed to come up with something entirely original. The facial recognition.

And now it has all the Android phone makers running for face recognition tech ever since the unveiling in September.

Word has it that 3D has very nicely dethroned fingerprint recognition as the hottest investments theme.

As already mentioned, Apple is not always the first one to break the ice regarding the new technology.

That being said, Samsung introduced iris scanning way before Apple did, although there were some flaws then Apple’s facial recognition failed its public demo. So that’s that.

But it the 3D sensing that iPhone X employs that has all the phone companies hooked like a fish ever since September.

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The Interest Has Not Doubled But Tripled.

Ever since the announcement of iPhone X Android vendors has been involved in 3D sensing technology, says an analyst.

The reviews for the solution have roughly tripled, if not even more.

And it can be tracked quite quickly that the real interest peaked right after the launch of the fantastic iPhone X.

There is much more going on behind the veil.

Where fingerprint sensor was merely a necessary upgrade, there is real financial incentive tied to facial recognition.

The 3D sensor revolutionises the user experience and upgrades straight to the premium stage.

These 3D sensors not only work as phone unlocking but also Apple has created a fun element with the Animojis. Which are emojis that are created by sensing your face and mirroring your expressions? And it even a critical factor in the development of AR.

So what if Apple isn’t the First? It Doesn’t Bother the CEO

There have been instants where Apple has not been the first to introduce technology.

It wasn’t the first one with the touch screen, neither was it the beginning with the smartwatches.

And now it has not been one to win the bezel-less race either.

But the CEO has shown no interest in being the first one to introduce things.

According to him, Apple is all about the best quality.

As long as they cannot provide whatever product they are working on with top notch quality, they are not into launching it just to win a race.

iPhone X has not even hit the shelves yet, and Android is following the lead.

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